Please note - we also stock a number of dyes made by the Jacquard company. These can be found in the Jacquard Range section.


Dyes for wool and silk in colours that are inspired by the clarity of light and the unique natural beauty of the Australian landscape. Landscapes will dye wool, mohair, alpaca (protein fibres), silk or nylon either as fleece, spun yarn or fabric. These acid dyes come in powder form in 100g pots; enough to dye 1kg of fleece. General instructions are on each pot. Specific instuctions for various types of dyeing are also available.

colours and pics
sampler kits

Single 100 g pot: $11.90 ($10.82)
Sampler Kit: $29.70 ($27.00)



Tintex Fabric Dyes
Suitable for cotton, linen, viscose rayon, wool, nylon and silk.

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10 grams: $8.80 ($8.00)