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Derwent pencils and crayons are among the finest to be found anywhere.
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37 Inktense Selection
The Inktense range takes water-soluble media to the next level; pure tones and vibrant colours, a highly blendable texture and vibrant ink-like washes. Inktense pencils and blocks complement each other perfectly, opening up an exciting world of endless possibilities.
This set contains a unique selection of 22 Inktense pencils, 10 Inktense blocks and a range of accessories that will add to your creative enjoyment; a sandpaper block, an art sponge, a pencil sharpener, and 2 grippers to help keep your hands clean. And at a special price.
37 Inktense Selection Set: $79.95 ($72.68)


Inktense 12 Watercolour Pencils Special Editions
Derwent Watercolour Retro Tin
12 watercolour pencils in the original tin,
Inktense Special Edition tin
12 colours, usually only available in the 72 tin.
Includes a new pencil; Turquoise.
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Retro 12 Set: $27.50 ($25.00)
Inktense Special Edition Set: $31.90 ($29.00)


Inktense Blocks
Derwent Inktense Blocks - These chunky water-soluble ink blocks bring a new sense of freedom and colour to your drawing and painting. Dry Derwent Inktense delivers pure vibrant colour but when completely washed out it is transformed into a translucent ink-like paint which, when dry, can be worked over.
The blocks are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of creative effects. You can use them like pans of paint. Dip them in water and apply colour directly to the paper, use dry on their side of apply directly to wet paper for instant intense colour.
The blocks complement the Inktense range perfectly opening up an exciting world of endless possibilities. They can also be used on fabric to create stunning silk paintings and quilts.
colour chart 12 and 14 sets
colour chart 36 and 72 sets
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Set of 12: $31.50 ($28.64)
Set of 24: $65.00 ($59.09)
Set of 36: $88.00 ($80.00)
Set of 72: $176.00 ($160.00)


Inktense Pencils
Derwent Inktense Pencils - pure vibrant watersoluble ink pencils which combine the brilliant intensity of pen and ink with the versatility of line and wash. Use dry to create strong, vivid tones then apply a light water wash to achieve a translucent, ink-like effect. Once dry, the colour will not wash out and can be worked over again with both soluble and non-soluble media.
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24 tin details
36 tin details
72 tin details
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Set of 12: $35.20 ($32.00)
Set of 24: $71.50 ($65.00)
Set of 36: $88.00 ($80.00)
Set of 72: $198.00 ($180.00)


Graphik Line Painter
Graphik Line Painters are a fine line paint pen that gives immense depth of colour, even on dark backgrounds. Create layers, dribbles and washes with the opaque waterbased ink in 20 strong lightfast and permanent colours. These wonderful pens have a 0.5 Japan nib that is robust and delivers a fluid paint line. Dilutes with water so you can create washes and add layers. The ink is permanent once dry. Four pack choices, five colours per pack.
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Set of five: $42.90 ($39.00)


Derwent Graphik Line Maker
You can weave the most intricate designs with these cool fine line pens.
Graphik Line Makers are filled wifth lightfast pigment water based ink in 3 colours; Black, Graphite & Sepia. Each pack contains 3 graphite pens in nib sizes 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5
Line Maker set of three: $19.80 ($18.00)


Derwent 12 Metallic
Watersoluble Metallic Pencils
Introduce a little sparkle to your sketches and drawings with these bright, highly reflective pencils. They work best on a dark background (try Derwent Black Books) and can be used on their own or with other media to add brilliant definition and glowing highlights. Derwent Metallic is watersoluble, so you can also create interesting line and wash effects. Great for all kinds of creative projects. Derwent Metallic is available in 12 brilliant colours, from traditional golds and silvers to shimmering pinks and purples.
applied to black paper
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12 Metallic tin: $33.00 ($30.00)


The softest ever colour pencil
The softest of pencils but in a strong and vibrant range of 72 colours. The velvety softness of the core releases rich, dense colour at a stroke and is perfect for mixing and blending. Despite its soft texture, Coloursoft sharpens to a fine point and works equally well for detailed illustrations or bold, contemporary still-life drawings and portraiture.
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12 set in metal box: $32.00 ($29.09)
24 set in metal box: $60.00 ($54.55)


Bold, broad colour at a stroke.
For authentic pastel drawings with quick, easy colour lay down, these chunky pastel blocks are perfect. Their square shape and smooth, semi-hard texture means you can use the ends, sides or edges to produce both broad and fine lines. Although not as powdery as soft pastels, the effect is equally beautiful and the unique colourless Derwent Blending White allows you to blend the colours easily without affecting their density. Available in a range of 36 vibrant colours.
videos and sample work
to colour chart and tin contents

12 set in metal box: $28.50 ($25.91)
24 set in metal box: $55.00 ($50.00)


Derwent Artbars
With a beautiful creamy consistency, these triangular bars of solid, highly pigmented colour offer the artist so much creative potential. They feel luxuriously smooth as they release consistently rich, deep pigment. The wax based bars are also completely water-soluble and dry marks almost seem to melt under your brush. Used either dry or wet, Artbar opens up a world of expressive mark making and rich opaque colour.
colour chart
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Artbar 12 tin: $33.00 ($30.00)
Artbar 24 tin: $64.00 ($58.18)
Artbar 36 tin: $92.00 ($83.64)


XL Graphite Blocks
Smooth and refined. From sensitive line work and subtle blending, to expressive marks and deep tonal work, Derwent XL Graphite is smooth and refined.
The chunky shape is captivating, intuitive and great fun to use; you can even add water to the mix for splashes and washes.
There are 6 colours in the range: 2 natural graphite, 2 warm tones and 2 cool colours.
more information
colour chart
three informative videos
general brochure on charcoal and graphite
Graphite block: $6.00 ($5.45)


XL Charcoal Blocks
Incredibly versatile. From powerful lines, to subtle gradients, Derwent XL Charcoal combines the natural qualities of charcoal with the strength and body of a chunky block.
Soft meets strong; agile meets bold; the perfect blend of rich tones and organic marks.
There are 6 colours in the range: 1 natural black, 4 traditional drawing colours and white.
more information
colour chart
three informative videos
general brochure on charcoal and graphite
Graphite block: $6.00 ($5.45)


Derwent Graphitint Pencils combine the character of a graphite pencil with a hint of colour. These exciting new drawing pencils are soft and smooth, and can be blended to produce an endless array of soft hues. Add water and the colour becomes more vibrant. Colours can be modified or removed with a soft eraser or a brush and clean water. The colours range from soft greys, blues, and greens to fantastic russets, plums, and browns.
Set of 12 in strong metal case includes the following colors: Port, Aubergine, Dark Indigo, Slate Green, Ivy, Chestnut, Cool Brown, Cocoa, Storm, Midnight Black, Cloud Grey, and Cool Grey.
colours pdf
Set of 12: $32.00 ($29.09)
Set of 24: $60.00 ($54.55)


Fabulous to use with all Derwent products on this page.
A portable water brush for those who wish to paint anywhere at anytime. Its lightweight design permits portability and eliminates the need to carry water bottles. Excellent in all sorts of places where you don't want to spill water. Four different brush types; Detailer Tip, Medium Tip, Large Tip and Broad Tip.
Detailer Tip: $7.70 ($7.00)
Medium Tip: $9.90 ($9.00)
Large Tip: $9.90 ($9.00)
Broad Tip: $9.90 ($9.00)