Discharging and Bleaching

Cleanline Washable Resist
Water-based, all-natural resist paste made from cassava root that you create detailed artwork on textiles. Cleanline forms a barrier that prevents fabric from absorbing most dyes inluding Inkodye. Can be used in batik dyeing to prevent colour from bleeding on certain areas of your project.
Can be applied with a stamp, brush, stencil, fine line applicator or squeeze bottle.
Dries in 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on thickness. Once dry, your project is ready to be dyed or painted with colour.
Wash out with warm water to reveal your design.
overdyeing fabric using cleanline
price: $26.00 ($23.64)


Discharge Paste
A Jacquard product. This discharge paste will remove most fibre reactive colours, direct dyes and acid dyes from fabric. Very easy to use, simply apply with a brush, iron with steam and wash out.
from the manufacturer
8 oz jar: $25.50 ($23.18)