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Lumiere, Neopaque, Dye-na-Flow and Textile Paint are all intermixable and waterproof when dry. All can be diluted 25% with water and beacause they are heavily pigmented, they will still remain very rich. These paints are for paper, fabric, wood, cardboard, leather, or any other porous surface. Heat set when used on fabric. The Pinata range is alcohol based for non-porous surfaces. We also carry the full range of acid dyes for protein fibers and nylon.


For dyeing fabric in a washing machine. iDye comes in a packet that dissolves in water which means there is no handling of messy dye powders. Just throw the dye packet in, add salt and run through the wash cycle. It is the ultimate easy way to get gorgeous colour.
iDye comes in 38 vibrant colors—30 colors for 100% natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, rayon, wool, and linen, and 8 colors for polyesters and nylons.
There are also two laundry aids: Colour Remover, which will remove or lighten a colour and brighten whites; and Sun Blocker, which when added to the wash cycle will penetrate clothing and will block harmful UV rays from the sun.
The iDye packets come in 14 gram packages and will dye 2 to 3 pounds of fabric.

colour chart
informative video 1
informative video 2
informative video 3

iDye packet: $9.50 ($8.64)


Procion Dyes
This concentrated fiber reactive powdered dye, to which you add to tap water, is known the world over. It gives the most brilliant colour of all dyes on cellulose fibers. Use for tie-dye, immersion dyeing, batik, airbrush, garment dyeing, screen-printing, spatter painting, gradation dyeing for quilters and more. If you have seen someone wearing a super bright almost "electric" tie-dyed shirt that nearly blurs your vision, it is certainly this dye.

colour chart
some examples

The following hints / instructions are in pdf format for ease of printing.

colour mixing chart
technical details

2/3 oz pot: $8.80 ($8.00)


Acid Dyes
Jacquard Acid dyes are concentrated, powdered, hot water dyes that produce the most vibrant possible results on protein fibers including silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca, feathers, and most nylons. Transparent, pure and lush. Very easy to use with unusual uniformity

colour chart
some examples

Also, courtesy of Jacquard, we have full instructions for using these dyes.
Just use the links below

flowable painting
screenprinting, stamping and painting
immersion: stovetop
immersion: washing machine

1/2 oz pot: $8.80 ($8.00)


Lumiere Metallic Paint
This stunning assortment of metallic and pearlescent paints brush on like butter and are designed not to spread. They allow for smooth application on soft or flexible surfaces like fabrics and uneven textures like Styrofoam. Lumiere colors can be bright, metallic or subtle, even on dark backgrounds. Their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage and dazzling light reflecting abilities.
The paint is a light bodied acrylic meaning that it has great coverage ability. On fabric it remains soft to the touch. It is fabulous for rubber-stamping, and can be used an applicator tipped paint. Stamped and sponged, Lumiere can be a resist for Dye-na-flow or Neopaque washes. To create your own Halo colour mix one part Lumiere to 2 or 3 parts Dye-na-flow in a small bowl and mix well. Brush or sponge the paint onto the surface.
Lumiere paints can be handpainted, airbrushed, screen-printed, marbled, stamped or stencilled and used as a resist.
You can mix them with Neopaque (an opaque range of 14 colours) for an unlimited range of shimmering colours. Add the hi-lite colours for subtle, reflective, opalescent colours and the super-sparkle for extra glitter.
Works well on natural and synthetic fibers, leather, wood and paper.

colour chart
scan of some metallics on fabric
some colours on white and black backgrounds
instructions pdf

Lumiere Metallic, 70 ml jar: $11.90 ($10.82)


These highly pigmented opaque paints are designed to cover dark grounds. They have a consistency similar to Lumiere but are not metallic. Neopaque paints are flexible and soft on a variety of surfaces.
It rubber stamps beautifully and when diluted with water, makes rich, vibrant washes. It is an excellent paint for dry sponging and makes a wonderful resist for Dye-na-flow or diluted Neopaque washes.
Contains mica, making it opaque and giving it a beautiful shimmer.
Use to paint, screen, stencil or stamp. Add to Lumiere for an antique look.
Works on natural and synthetic fibers, leather, wood and paper.

neopaque colours

Neopaque, 70 ml jar: $11.90 ($10.82)


Dye-na-flow is a highly pigmented liquid paint very similar to dye. It has a very soft hand on fabric, especially silk. On silk, it interacts in an unusual way. It pushes and pulls the other colours. It intermixes beautifully with the other paints. Try using Dye-na-flow to dilute the paints, rather than water. On paper, it is similar to rich, vibrant liquid watercolours. The paint does not muddy when applying colour over colour.
It is perfect for airbrushing, silk painting, spray-on tie dye, watercolor techniques, spritzing through lace or stencils, tole style painting, sponge printing and simplified batik or wax resist effects. Certified nontoxic, blendable, washfastand lightfast.

colour chart and more
instructions pdf

70ml jar: $8.50 ($7.73)


Textile Paint
Textile paint is incredibly versatile. It is a highly pigmented, heavily bodied, transparent colour. It is perfect for making rich and exciting glazes when sponged or brushed over colours on fabric or paper. It can be used to rubber stamp as well. You don't dilute this paint. It is transparent and this is why it gives a wonderful glaze when applied over other colours. Textile paint works like a sun print when objects are layed on the surface of the wet paint and exposed to the sun.

traditional range colours

70ml jar: $7.50 ($6.82)


Textile Paint Exciter Pack
Set of nine Textile paint colours in 14ml (1/2 oz) bottles. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to these paints using this creative range of colours. The pack includes tips, and technique information

picture and colour details

Exciter Pack: $34.00 ($30.91)


Water Based Resist
A superior, clear water-based resist that washes out easily with warm water (even after steaming). It holds a crisp line without spreading and does not shrink or pucker when dry. Colorless Water-based Resist can be colored with any water-based dye and is screenable, odorless, alcohol-free and non-toxic.


66.5ml (2.25 fl oz) jar: $7.40 ($6.73)


No Flow
An antifusant used to inhibit the spreading of dyes on fabric. It is particularly useful for drawing or writing with dye filled felt tip markers or fabric pens on silk fabrics. Full directions are on the bottle.


250ml (8 oz) jar: $10.50 ($9.55)