Paints and Inks

Color Burst Packs
Amazing powder water colour medium that lets you create beautiful water colour techniques. It’s great for water colour painting, fine art and mixed media. It’s as easy as ‘sprinkle and spritz’. With a few simple techniques you can create wax resist, stenciled and splattered looks, the results are stunning and the options are endless.

Try it on all manner of papers – fabulous on khadi paper – fusible webbing – just drop tiny amounts and spritz with water, or use with alcohol inks. Thicken with CMC paste for a magical covering – use with rubbing plates or your favourite stencils. Seal with Acrylic Wax.

Comes in themed packs of six.

All the colours in the sets are also available as individual items.
Just pick your colours from the pack choices.
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Pack of six: $49.50 ($45.00)
Color Burst Single: $9.90 ($9.00)


Color Burst Liquid Metals Packs
Liquid metals will add a liquid lustre to your work. Designed for use with Color Burst, Liquid Metal is a suspension of finely granulated metallic powder along with colourant in a dispensing liquid in a handy dropper bottle. When blended with Color Burst and water, they will make your Color Burst artwork shine.There are two six pack assortments – Heavy Metals and Precious Alloys.

Use in cardmaking, scrapbooking, stamping, water colour painting and mixed media projects.

Water based, non toxic and cleans up easily with soap and water.

All the colours in the sets are also available as individual items.
Just pick your colours from the pack choices.
liquid metal pack choices

Pack of six: $45.00 ($40.91)
Liquid Metal Single: $8.40 ($7.64)


Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics
Fresco Finish Acrylics are top quality, highly pigmented water based, environmentally friendly acrylic paints. Can be used on many surfaces without the need for undercoat or primer: paper, card, metal, wood, ceramic, canvas etc. Chalk finish is perfect to stamp on. Sand lightly then stamp. Dilute with water up to 50% to create a wash.
Shake well before using. Easy clean up in warm water. Eco Friendly.
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50ml Jar: $7.95 ($7.23)


Paperartsy Grunge Paste
Grunge Paste can be applied easily to most surfaces: wood, chip board etc to add texture and dimention to your mixed media projects. Apply with palette knife, create smooth or rough effects, stamp into it (spritz water on stamp first). GP can be easily coloured with Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics, and is ideal as a stencil paste. Easy to clean up in warm water.
Customers - we are currently out of stock of this product.
More before too long.

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147ml Jar: $9.90 ($9.00)


Precious Metal
Precious Metal Colour is a highly pigmented liquid metal effect paint that is non-toxic and water-based. This brilliant metallic shimmering product can be applied to many surfaces including glass, plastic and paper. The colors won’t fade or tarnish over time. With its high opacity, you only need one brush stroke to create remarkable shimmering effects. Use brush or sponge to apply. Available in 28 brilliant colours.
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25ml Jar: $11.50 ($10.45)


Water based dye set. "Solid dyes" They look like ordinary paints, but the effect is a very concentrated Brusho - more ink than paint.
The 12 set contains dense highly pigmented, vibrant colours which mix well and give exciting results when bleached. Full palette of colours.
The 24 set contains rich opaque colours and, of course, more shades.
12 set stack: $15.80 ($14.36 )
24 set stack: $18.95 ($17.23)


Archival Ink
Archival Inks provide lasting stamping results that are permanent on many surfaces. They give a crisp image that doesn't bleed over water-based inks and markers, acrylic paint, water colors. These inks will not deteriorate paper of photos or bleed when painted or brayered over with water colours, markers or pearl pigments. Acid free, non-toxic, fade resistant and water resistant. Easy to use - simply ink stamp and press onto paper.
Available in four shades in a standard size stamp pad.
Archival Ink Pad: $8.00 ($7.27)


Walnut Ink
Comes in crystalline form. Excellent for staining papers to give an aged/antique appearance. Make your solution by mixing approximately 1 teaspoon of crystals to a half cup of hot water - more or less depending on depth of colour required. Easy to achieve a colour gradation that gives the appearance old aged documents. Now comes packaged in rigid 30g jars.
30g jar: $6.60 ($6.00)

Walnut Ink Booklet
'Let's Play with Walnut Ink' - All you need to know about using walnut ink. Lots of illustrations, 20 pages.
Booklet: $11.90 ($10.82)


Inkssentials Watermark Resist
Dual purpose ink pad. This versatile ink can be used to create the look of a watermark on colored papers and as a crisp, bright resist for water-based dye inks on Gloss Paper. It also works as a great embossing ink. Ideal for creating easy and fabulous backgrounds on cards, scrapbook pages and more.
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Ink pad: $12.95 ($11.77)


Finally a pad that lets your personality shine through! Easy for beginning crafters to use, but versatile enough for experienced artists to create unparalleled masterpieces. VersaMark allows you to perform a number of amazing techniques. Stamp your image onto text-weight paper to explore the possibilities of watermarking, or stamp subtle tone-on-tone images onto colored cardstock. Create a resist image by stamping on glossy cardstock and brayering with dye ink. And VersaMark is so sticky that it will act as a "glue" for chalks and pigment powders. You won't believe what you can do with just one ink pad.
Inkpad: $14.90 ($13.55)


StazOn Solvent Inkpads
StazOn lets you do what most other ink pads do not - stamp on non-porous surfaces without embossing. Use this ink on surfaces such as glass, metal, shrink-it, cellophane, aluminium foil, leather and acrylic. The solvent-based ink is transparent in nature, resulting in a beautiful 'stained-glass' look.
Available in Jet Black only.
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Inkpad 10cm x 6.5cm: $14.40 ($13.09)


StazOn Stamp Cleaner
This product is specially formulated to clean and condition your stamps after use with StazOn inkpads.
Use to prevent the stamp staining that can occur with solvent ink use. StazOn is acid free.
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56ml bottle: $9.00 ($8.18)