Cottage Garden Hand Dyed


Cotton Threads
A lovely range of 6 strand cotton, hand dyed in Australia. If you need the 'Jane Austen' pack, just ask and we will make it up for you. Over 220 different colourways - we have all.
four pages covering all themes
10 metre hank: $7.00 ($6.36)


Each collection has six skeins of Cottage Garden threads plus a stitchery design with trace off and colour picture.
all themes
Theme Pack: $38.00 ($34.55)


Wool Threads
Cottage Garden now also dye wool thread. 15 metres, uncut, 100% fine Australian Merino wool per hank.
These threads are hand-dyed in Australia by Pam Spurway. Her variegated palette is inspired by the natural beauty of the rural landscape of Australia. The variegation is designed with a short colour length of 2 to 3 inches especially for embroidery to enable a good variation of colour in smaller lengths of stitching.
50 of the most popular colours in the cotton are now available in light and dark shades of wool, creating 100 colours in all. Beautiful, smooth 2ply variegated wool in a continuous 15m length.
wool threads pdf
15 metre hank: $6.60 ($6.00)