Hand Dyed in UK / Europe / USA

Italian Seta Bozzolo Silk Thread
This thread is made from a natural continuous fibre that is strong, smooth and has a lustrous sheen. Instant dimension is achieved with embellishment stitchery due to the light reflective properties of the silk. When used for beading, distinctive definition and remarkable surface texture will be created.

24wt, 100% Silk. 10 metres per spool. Use with Straw Needle #10

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Spool, 10 metres: $4.40 ($4.00)


Straw Silk Fibre
Straw Silk is a hand-dyed and hand-painted straw silk fibre. Straw Silk stitches beautifully into a 13 or 18 count canvas. It can be stitched in as smooth as satin or create texture such as straw, grasses or any place where you want to create a unique surface.

100% silk, 10.15 metres per skein, and available in 77 beautiful colours.

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Skein, 10.15 metres: $10.00 ($9.09)


Silk Gimp
Filament Silk Wrapped Gimp is an innovative thread recreated from 17th century examples found on period needlework. It is made by wrapping a silk core thread with another silk thread around the outside, making a very fine cord. The resulting thread is stiff like a gold thread yet coloured. It can be couched as an outline around counted work or couched in rows to fill a shape. Sometimes it is twisted in a loop over and over again and couched down to make leaves on trees. The silk gimp is thin enough to be placed in a needle eye and stitched from french knots to needlelace. The drapes, gowns, and tents in stumpwork are often seen in silk gimp. Lions and other animals are usually seen worked in silk gimp; either needlelace or couched.

100% silk, 10 metres per spool. 35 colours.

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Spool: $9.50 ($8.64)


Silken Pearl
Silken Pearl is a 100% silk, cordonnet (tightly twisted) thread. The impeccable quality of this thread results in a smooth surface allowing the thread to glide smoothly through all types of fibres and stitchery. Silken Pearl's tight twist creates beautiful firm stitches and its reflective surface gives a luxurious lustre to embellishment stitchery. Wonderful for bullion stitches.
  • Hand-dyed; 100% Silk
  • Needles - Use with Long Darner #1, Milliners #1, Chenille #24
  • Between a size 5 & 8 pearl cotton
  • 15 Yard Skein

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Skein: $12.00 ($10.91)


Sea Grass Organic Cotton
Sea Grass is a hand-dyed, 100% organic cotton, matte, flat, tape-like fiber. It can create a definitive outline or highten background interest when used for outline stitches. Its organic appeal comes to life when it's used to create a dimensional covering of wrapped stitches. Approximately 14yds / hank (12.9 metres.

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Hank: $8.50 ($7.73)


Oriental Linen
Oriental Linen is a 2 ply thread (52% Silk and 48% Linen), each ply containing one strand of linen and one strand of silk. The fibres (silk and linen) absorb dye differently. This creates colour variations in the Oriental Linen that run the entire length of the thread as opposed to deliberate sectional color changes or 'variegations'. Oriental Linen has an organic appearance and slightly nubby texture that will enhance surface texture and visual appeal.
  • Hand-dyed; 52% Silk/48% Linen
  • Needles- Use with Long Darner #1, Milliners #1, Chenille #24
  • Between a size 5 & 8
  • 20 Yard Skein


    Hank: $9.40 ($8.55)


    Raffia is 100% silk and looks similar to paper Raffia, but is more shiny. It is a lovely thread for all sorts of interesting textural effects. Raffia is a long ribbon like thread constructed of a series of fibers bonded together to make a unique thread. The thread is great for clothing, grass, wicker or tree trunks. Because the thread has a shine, the area will stand out in your motif. When stitching, use shorter lengths of thread in the needle and use a slightly larger needle than required for the canvas. Use caution when threading the needle to prevent splitting the thread down the middle. Each pack contains 1.82 metres (2 yards).

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    Pack: $9.50 ($8.64)


    Oliver Twists
    A beautiful range from one of England's top dyers.

    Oliver Twists One Offs
    A variety of cotton and rayon threads, 10 threads x 4 metres each per hank. Each hank a great variety of types and tones.

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    40 metres: $12.50 ($11.36)

    Oliver Twists Thick Rayon Floss
    Hand dyed, beautiful sheen, rich lustrous colours.


    25 metre hank: $10.00 ($9.09)


    Au Ver a Soie - Soie 100/3
    Tightly twisted spun silk, similar to buttonhole thread. Fabulous for needlework.
    Made in France.


    50 metre spool: $6.50 ($5.91)