Hand metallics, for couching, goldwork, cording, shisha, embellishing.


Bijoux Metallic Thread
Iridescent and glimmering these beautiful jewel-like metallic threads may also be known as Lacquered Jewels.
Can be plied up to desired weight for canvas or counted thread stitching.
80% Viscose/ 20% Metallic Polyester. 50 metre spools.
Bijoux is very strong, and it holds up well to surface embroidery stitches.

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50 metre spool: $5.15 ($4.68)



Accentuate Metallic Thread
Accentuate is a fine 30 weight twist of thread made of 70% Polyamide / 30% Metallic Polyester.

The thread is a coloured, semi-transparent thread accentuated with sparkles.
You can use Accentuate straight off the spool and combine it with other thread that you’re stitching with. You can also use it by itself, using several strands to whatever thickness you need in your stitching. When used alone, it has a transparent look to it, making it perfect for lighted windows and doors, for stars, for snowflakes, for anywhere you want a light sparkly cover in your stitching.
Accentuate is most commonly used in cross stitch and needlepoint, but it can also be used in surface embroidery. In surface embroidery, it works well when combined with other threads.

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50 metre spool: $3.70 ($3.36)



Marvellous Metallics Packs
Five by five metres per pack. Six themes to choose from. Metallic wrapped around a cotton core. Highly reflective surfaces, beautiful colours. Great for couching, cords and general metal work.


Per Pack: $25.00 ($22.73)



Au Papillon
Also known as Butterfly, this is a wonderful, slightly textured 3ply thread metallic thread with a viscose polyester core. Use for hand and machine (through a topstitch needle) stitching or ply down to use for fine hand embroidery. Au Papillon is a high quality thread that does not shred or split. Available in Old Gold, Gold, Copper, Silver, Dark Gold and Dark Silver.

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35 metre spool: $4.50 ($4.91)