Au Ver a Soie


Au Ver a Soie Perlee
Au Ver a Soie Perlee is a 100% silk, twisted three ply filament thread. Its impeccable quality results in a smooth surface, allowing the thread to glide smoothly through all types of fibres and stitchery. Its twist creates beautiful firm stitches and its reflective surface gives a luxurious lustre to embellishment stitchery.

All of our Perlee threads come on wooden spools.


16 metre spool: $8.80 ($8.00)
Box set of six: $48.00 ($43.64)



Au Ver a Soie - Soie 100/3
Tightly twisted spun silk, similar to buttonhole thread. Fabulous for needlework.


50 metre spool: $6.50 ($5.91)



Ensemble de Soie
Each pack is an assortment of threads to bring excitement and texture to your needle art.

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Packs are individually priced.