Synthetic Fibres

Angelina/Crystalina Fibres
Sensuously hot shimmering fibres. A development in the world of textile fibres that has revolutionised the use of sparkle in all fabric. Angelina Fibres can be spun, woven, layered, bonded etc. Its applications in textile art, embroidery, paper maché, modelling, card and candlemaking are endless.

We have a large choice Angelina hot fix colours in heat bondable fibres, plus some Crystalina hot fix, and standard (non bondable).

Angelina and Crystalina fibres are made of the same material, but Angelina fibres are fine, while Crystalina are coarse and crimped.

standard colours
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5g Pack, Standard or Hot Fix: $4.40 ($4.00)
20g Pack, Standard or Hot Fix: $14.00 ($12.73)
50g Pack, Standard or Hot Fix: $30.00 ($27.27)



Angelina Fibre Theme Packs
Attractively packaged, eight themes to choose from, six colours per pack. Total of 30g fibre.


Pack: $22.00 ($20.00)



Angelina Fibre Kit
Everything you need to get you going with these versatile fibres.
This kit contains 5 different coloured samples of 'hot fix' fibres, and 1 sample of non bondable metallic fibre, and lots of ideas to try!

pictures here

Cost: $20.00 ($18.18)



Fusible Film
Not actually a fibre, but related to Angelina. Fusible Film is incredibly easy to use - just place the film on its own (or mixed with Angelina fibres) in small amounts between 2 sheets of baking parchment and iron briefly to fuse. Then cut, shape, punch, stitch and layer to create wonderful shimmering pieces which you can use in your work.

colour chart

3.00 metres x 10cm strip: $6.60 ($6.00)
All 12 colours 3 m each: $66.00 ($60.00)

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