Hand Dyed Silk Fibres

Luxury, beauty, refinement, sensuality, elegance - silk is synonymous with all of these. Silk has a greater range in length, texture, strength and lustre than any other fibre, natural or man made and is supremely adaptable. Beautiful to spin and mix with wool too.


Silk Tops
Tussah and Mulberry
From silk worms fed on oak leaves. The tops have been both carded & combed so that all the fibres are aligned. All of our silk tops are hand dyed in Australia. Many colour themes from Jacinta and Martien to choose from.

jacinta's themes
martiens themes
some info on mulberry silk

Jacinta's themes tussah (25g packs): $12.50 ($11.36)
Martien's themes tussah (20g packs): $11.00 ($10.00)
Jacinta / Martien mulberry silk (20g packs): $12.50 ($11.36)



Mulberry Silk Laps Hand-dyed
Silk laps are produced whilst carding the silk fibres to produce silk tops for spinning into yarn. They have a similar staple length to the tops but with much more texture. They are in layered 'blankets' that have been cut to a workable size. Each layer can be separated into fine gossamer layers.

These beautiful silk laps are hand dyed in our colour themes and cut into portions. Each lap is approximately 1.5 metres wide and with the fibres running across the width of the lap. We cut each lap into portions approximately 40cm wide. They are very strong and able to be stretched out easily and of course you can lift the many layers off.

They are ideal for stretching over our flimsies (prefelts) or over our wool tops for wet felting, or for spinning, needlefelting, silk paper making, or in mixed media. Use silk laps for dresses, wraps, scarves or to enhance any project.

Hand dyed with love by Tatyana Andrew in colours exclusive to The Thread Studio.
These are priced by weight, at 35 cents per gram, as lap sizes vary.

themes and individual prices
photos of whole laps

Cost per gram: $0.35 ($0.32)



Hand Dyed Silk Noil
Silk noil is the short fibre left overfrom spinning silk, and used as a decorative additive. It can be spun, used to make a matt silk paper or added to any projects.

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20 g pack: $10.00 ($9.09)



Hand Dyed Silk Cocoon Sheets
From Painters Threads. A Silk Cocoon Sheet is produced on a special machine for the production of mesh fabrics made of silk cocoons.

The sheet consists of individual layers, which can be easily pulled apart. They show the typical diamond structure of all silk products and give handmade silk paper a completely new, beautiful structure. The fibre content is higher than that of silk hankies.

The fibres can be spun or felted with the needle (hand or machine), which makes the beautiful character of the Painter's Threads colours particularly effective. In wet felting, they can be used together with wool. You can easily use them to make silk paper, either with a medium such as Jo Sonja Textile Medium, or with CMC paste.


Cocoon sheet, 15cm x 15cm: $13.00 ($11.82)



Hand Dyed Silk Hankies
Silk in very fine layer form, hand dyed by Jacinta Leishman.

The hankies are made from degummed cocoons that have been stretched over a square frame, forming a square of approx 22cm x 22cm, from which cobweb thin layers of fibre can be peeled off.

Beautiful to look at, and great fun for experimenting with. Try trapping things inside the layers. Very versatile.


Silk Hankies, 10g (approx.) pack: $8.80 ($8.00)



Silk Cocoons
These are quite rigid and shell like. Hand dyed with love by Tatyana Andrew in a myriad of colours. 10g cocoons per pack (typically around 30 cocoons).


Silk Cocoons, 10g: $6.60 ($6.00)



Soft Degummed Silk Cocoons
Soft textured mass of degummed silk cocoons. Suitable for felting with wool for added lustre, silk papermaking, or couching into embroidery for added texture. Hand dyed by Tatyana Andrew.

Colours are being updated constantly and placed on the available themes chart as they arrive.

available themes

Approx 20g pack: $8.50 ($7.73)



Silk Carrier Rods, Hand Dyed
Our silk rods are not the pristine tree trunk ones you might often see. Ours have curly and flat which means they are split silk carrier rods. You can often pull more layers off but they are exciting to work with like this. You can further iron them flat if you wish.

Pull apart all the layers and iron them flat and bond to a surface for stitching to create a fabulous piece of fabric. Or just use your imagination as you wish.

Hand dyed by Tatyana Andrew. Fabulous for all sorts of textile work.

typical mix

Pack, approx 10g: $6.60 ($6.00)



Silk Caps
Silk Caps are made by stretching out the cocoon over a cone form. They are about 25cm diameter and about 25 cm in length from the tip of the cap to the brim. A 3-D bowl shape can be created by opening up the brim and placing your hands inside, and stretching the sides, as used in the book 'Beautiful Bowls'.

They can also be separated into layers.

Our silk caps are hand dyed by Jacinta in many of her silk tops colour themes.
The weight of each silk cap varies, but average is around 15g.
We are currently out of stock of this product.

photos of all caps in stock

Hand dyed silk cap: $6.60 ($6.00)