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Angelina Fibres
Hot Fix
$4.40 ($4.00) / 5g pack
$14.00 ($12.73) / 20g pack
$30.00 ($27.27) / 50g pack

Sensuously hot shimmering synthetic fibres. A development in the world of textile fibres that has revolutionised the use of sparkle in all fabric. Angelina Fibres can be spun, woven, layered, bonded etc. Its applications in textile art, embroidery, paper maché, modelling, card and candlemaking are endless.

Angelina hot fix colours in heat bondable fibres are shown below.
We also have some hot fix crystalina, and non bondable standard angelina.   Also, some helpful hints here.

Angelina and Crystalina fibres are made of the same material, but Angelina fibres are fine, while Crystalina are coarse and crimped.


Antique Silver

Christmas Green

Holly Berry

Polished Brass

Dusky Rose

Royal Blue

Cobalt Sparkle

Wedgewood Blue

Ultra Violet



Cotton Candy

Sugar Plum


Rasberry Sparkle



Lemon Sparkle

Silver Iris

Calypso Blue

Pink Tickle

Key Lime


Violette Haze

Blue Haze

standard angelina
hot fix crystalina
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