Natural Silk Fibres

A silk cocoon is spun by the silkworm in one continuous thread almost a mile long. They can be cut, dyed, painted and sewn. Use them in jewellery making, mixed media projects and embellishments.
All silk fibre products in this section are undyed.


Natural Silk Tops
Choice of Tussah and Mulberry.


Natural Tussah, 100g pack: $18.00 ($16.36)
Natural Mulberry, 100g pack: $20.00 ($18.18)



Silk Hankies
Silk hankies come from silk cocoons which have been de-gummed and stretched layer upon layer over a small 25cm square frame. Each cocoon is as sheer as a cobweb or use several layers together for a more textural effect in felt. Silk hankies are also used for handspinning or creating silk paper. Try knitting straight from a silk cocoon.
Customers please note; we are currently out of stock of this product.


100g natural: $19.50 ($17.73)



Degummed Silk Cocoons
Soft textured mass of degummed silk cocoons. Suitable for felting with wool for added lustre, silk papermaking, or couching into embroidery for added texture.


100g: $12.50 ($11.36)



Gummy Silk Carrier Rods
Use to make easy peasy silk paper.


100g pack: $10.90 ($9.91)



Gummy Cocoon Strippings
Stripped from the inside of the cocoons, these raw silk fibres contain enough of their own sericin to make paper without paste. Simply spray the fibres with water and iron between layers of paper, adding other fibres, leaves etc as you wish.


100g pack: $10.90 ($9.91)



Gummy Cocoon Strippings in Textile Art
An Art to Wear piece by Svenja using Cocoon Strippings.