Fuse 'n Tear
An iron-on stabiliser that can be used to support your fabric for stitching and to prevent the sliding, puckering and shifting of fabric, especially stretch fabrics. This product is not permanently adhesive and is easily removed. Simply apply to the back of the fabric, iron using a wool setting for 5 seconds and remove when finished. It is a fabulous way to keep all sorts of small pieces together for free machine work.
Can also be used as a backing to support fabrics for printing through an inkjet printer, and as a mask or as a template on top of your fabric. Re-usable.
100cm x 90cm: $7.70 ($7.00)



Soft Cotton Wadding
Downy-soft, voluminous non-woven 100% cotton.
  • A light, extremely soft cotton wadding.
  • Idea; for quilting
  • Very easy to use
  • Machine washable
  • Keeps its shape even after many washes
    Creatively use it to make moulded pieces.
    1.0 metre x 1.5 metres: $38.00 ($34.55)



    Pelmet Vilene
    We don't have this product due to its high cost, but an excellent and cost effective substitute is the Lutradur 220 wt XL. It does everything that Pelmet Vilene does, but at a much lower cost.
    XL 220 gsm per metre (x 0.50 m): $15.50 ($14.09)
    XL 220 gsm per ½ metre (x 0.50 m): $7.90 ($7.18)