Sari Fabric Bits

Sari Ribbon
Exceptional value, and very different. 100 g skeins, approximately 50 metres, of ribbon, 10mm - 20mm wide, hand cut from sari fabric and then sewn together in long strips. Fabulous for use in freeform knitting and crochet, weaving, couching, wrapping or any type of embellishment. These fabrics, from India, are available in pure silk or silk, plus cotton and rayon with occasional metal threads.
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100 g skein: $12.00 ($10.91)


Silk Sari Ribbon Hand Dyed Themes
Silk Sari Ribbon, hand dyed by Jacinta, in our own collections colour themes, plus a set of hand dyed one offs by Martien van Zuilen.
collections and one off themes
100 g skein: $18.00 ($16.36)


Sari Ribbon Single Colours
The same Sari Ribbon as described above, but single colour within each hank with subtle variations of shade.
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100 g skein: $12.00 ($10.91)


Hand Dyed Chiffon Sari Ribbon
Hand dyed in The Thread Studio colours.
Customers please note - we are currently out of stock.
New chiffon saris coming soon.
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Single 100g hank: $18.00 ($16.36)