Silk Bits


Silk Mesh
Our beautiful hand dyed lightweight open weave silk mesh.
Fabulous for nunofelting and machine embroidery.
Roll width is 110 cm.


Silk Mesh / metre x 1.10 metres: $30.00 ($27.27)


Hand Dyed Silk Loom Ends
These hand dyed silk loom ends are the silk fabric cut form the ends of the weaving looms.
All are approximately 50 cm in length, but the width varies. The type of weave also varies from very delicate to open weave to a more dense fabric.

Each is lovely. Use in your textile art work or add to your felting.


Silk Loom End: $6.00 ($5.45)


Hand Dyed Crinkle Silk Chiffon
100% silk. Each piece 48cm x 22cm. Many themes.


Single piece: $7.50 ($6.82)


Hand Dyed Silk Organza
Hand dyed silk organza fabric pieces for embroidery, flower making, textile art and Nuno Felting.
Each piece of silk organza is randomly dyed for felters and embroidery, and does not have finished edges and each fabric piece is unique.
Silk Organza: 48cm X 27cm
Please note: we are currently out of stock of silk organza.

all themes

48cm x 26cm piece: $7.50 ($6.82)