Glues / Sealers

Gossamer Fuse
The ideal sheer fusible material. A very fine web of heat fusible fibre. Creates a lasting bond without a bulky filling. Excellent for fusing any type of fabric. Also highly suitable for painting and using for surface decoration. Comes in white and black, with instructions and suggestions for use.


1 metre x 1 metre pack, black or white: $9.90 ($9.00)
2 metre x 1 metre pack, black or white: $18.50 ($16.82)



Fusible Webbing
Fusible webbing. Also known as 'Vliesofix', 'Bondaweb' and 'Wonder Under'. Generally used for bonding fabrics, but has many other creative applications. Comes in a package, with an ideas sheet for creative uses.
Each pack contains a 1 metre x 30 cm piece.
Pack: $7.30 ($6.64)



Sewline Fabric Glue Pen
A convenient, pen like dispenser with archival quality solid glue stick. A small amount holds fabrics in place for sewing. No need for pins. The coloured glue dries clear, no thick residue, water soluble and safe for most fabrics.
Easily refillable refills available separately.
Each pen comes with a spare refill capsule.

pics and informative video

Glue Pen: $11.00 ($10.00)



Also known as 'Audrey's Bonding Powder' and 'Bo Nash'.
Ideal for attaching one piece of fabric to another, ie stabilizing patchwork, quilting or applique, before you sew. Use it to seal frayed edges on tapestries and cross stitch. It can also be used to bond fabric to paper, cardboard, or light wood, and even paper to cardboard, so could be used in framing. Will adhere foils to your fabric. Comes in 25g containers.
25g: $11.90 ($10.82)



Instant Glue Stick
Easy and convenient. In plastic container - wind the stick up as you use.
10g stick: $1.90 ($1.73)



Sticky Dots Tape
Acid-free sticky dots tape. Tiny dots that transfer where you want. Excellent for card making and sticking down all sorts of things including design sheet work, collage, scrap-booking. 9.0m by 9.5mm on each roll.


9 metre roll: $6.60 ($6.00)