Machine Needles

Schmetz Top Stitching Needles
Machine artists have discovered how the "large-eye" of this specialty needle allows for the easy flow of metallic and rayon threads. It is perfect for machine embroidery threads and comes in 4 sizes to adjust to the weight of the fabric. Five needles per pack. Sizes 70, 80, 90, 100 and 110. These are the needles I use for all my machine embroidery. They slip through the fabric magically and easily accommodate the thicker textured threads.

5 needle pack: $7.70 ($7.00)


Titanium Coated from Superior Threads
These are the first titanium-coated Topstitch style needles made for home machines. Superior Threads (USA) and Organ Needle Company (Japan) have applied the latest technology of titanium-coated needles to the Topstitch style for home machines. These needles have an ultra thin coat of titanium nitride layered on the surface to extend their productive life by five to eight times that of conventional needles. These needles are a top quality product, wonderful to sew with and fit all machines. Five per pack, they come in 70/10, 80/12, 90/14 and 100/16

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5 needle pack: $12.50 ($11.36)


Schmetz Twin Needles
Try some new effects with this double needle and rayon and metallic threads! Examples: Free-motion embroidery, built-in embroidery stitches, and couching become dramatic when stitched with a twin needle and two colours of thread! One needle per pack; size 80 at 2.5 mm.
Size 80, 2.5 mm: $7.70 ($7.00)