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The Bottom Line
Imagine a bobbin thread that virtually disappears as the top thread and bobbin thread harmonize. The Bottom Line is an innovative bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top thread including metallics and designer threads. It's silk-like finish allows it to slide, not grab, to form the perfect stitch. By matching colours, you can sew even the finest stitch without the bobbin thread showing. This soft, fine thread also prevents stiffness in embroidered designs. The Bottom Line is also ideal for both machine and hand appliqué.
As Bobbin Thread:
• Ideal for the smallest, most intricate designs
• Works wonderfully with metallic and designer threads
• Secures without grabbing
• Greater bobbin-fill capacity

colour chart

1420 yard (1310 metre) spool: $15.40 ($14.00)



From Wonderfil
Iron 'n Fuse:
Use this practical thread in the bobbin for appliqué, lining up corners and matching up patterns, binding, and zippers. The heat of an iron will fuse layers of fabric together, holding it in place so you can perfect your project. Then simply pull the top thread out.
40 wt, Fusible Vinylon, 183 metres per spool.

Rinse 'n Gone:
This time saving thread is a favourite for basting hems, positioning zippers and pockets, ease stitching, and any temporary placement. Simply rinse the project in room temperature water or brush with a wet toothbrush to make it disappear.
40 wt, Washaway Polyester, 183 mtres per spool.


Single 183 metre spool: $9.50 ($8.64)



Vanish Lite
Water soluble thread. Use for machine or hand basting, trapunto, quilting, appliqué, heirloom etc. 275m (300yd) / spool.


per spool: $10.90 ($9.91)