Machine Metallics

Wonderfil GlaMore
With contrasting strands of rayon woven with one strand of metallic, this stunning new thread will add the wow factor wherever it's stitched. Available in bold colours designed to show off, GlaMore is perfect for adding a little bit of texture and shimmer. Thin enough to fit through the eye of a sewing machine needle, but thick enough to stand out, use it to embellish any project where you want the stitching to be the star.

Use for:
Embellishment, embroidery, decorative stitching, thread painting, quilting, serger loopers, bobbin work, appliqué, couching, tassel making, and any other decorative purpose.

12 wt, 2-ply rayon with one strand of metallic. 274 metres per spool, 40 colour choices.


274 metre spool: $15.00 ($13.64)



Wonderfil Hologram Threads
A metallic polyester that is great for home sewing and runs well on embroidery machines. Hologram is highly reflective for shimmer and 3 dimension embellishsment effects. Perfect for quilting, general embroidery, built in decorative stitches and thread painting.
Available in eight colours on 300 metre spools.


300 metre spool: $12.00 ($10.91)



Illuminations Machine Metallics
Our own range of Illuminations 40wt machine metallics, dyed and wound to our colour specifications especially for The Thread Studio. These strong, top quality threads come at a price which makes them easily the best value on the market today. Links to colour charts and stitchouts for each range are provided below.
hints on using metallics

Illuminations Standard Range
Seventeen colours, including three shades of gold, two of copper, a brass and a silver, plus an extensive range of other colours.

colour chart
solid stitchouts

500 metre spool: $5.50 ($5.00)
Complete set of 21 standard range: $95.00 ($86.36)

Illuminations Black Jewel Range
These threads have an extra richness due to the black core. Twenty colours to choose from, including two shades of gold, three of copper and a silver.

colour chart

500 metre spool: $5.50 ($5.00)
Complete set of 20 black jewels: $90.00 ($81.82)

Illuminations Mini Spools
These beautiful metallic threads also come on 165 metre spools. This 165 metre spool range consists of 10 black core (black jewel) including a black, and 10 standard colours, including the multi. These can be bought individually, or as attractive sets of the 10 'Standards' or the 10 'Black Jewels'. A great way to purchased a wide range of metallics. Excellent for taking to workshops or as a gift pack.

colour chart

165 metre spool: $3.30 ($3.00)
Box set of ten: $30.00 ($27.27)