Lynne Perrella Collections
From PaperArtsy, these stamp sets are A5 size 13cm x 16cm. The rubber stamps in each set are individually machine trimmed onto EZ mount cling foam.


Stamp Set: $41.00 ($37.27)



Art by Marlene
Signature Collections clear perspex cling stamps.


Prices under each design.



Color Box Moulding Mats
Make a great impression with lots of unique designs moulded into quality rubber mats.
These mats are deeply etched to create dramatic images on polymer clay, foil, paper or fabric.
Use them for paper casting, for rubbings, for stamping, for embossing.
Easy to clean and store. Size 5.1cm x 17.8cm (2" x 7")


Moulding Mat: $10.00 ($9.09)



Color Box Mini Moulding Mats
Like the moulding mats, these mini mats are deeply etched to create dramatic images on polymer clay or foil.
Press by hand or use a pasta press.
Flat 5cm x 5cm strips are easy to clean and store.


Mini Moulding Mat: $6.50 ($5.91)



An exciting range of deep etched rubber stamps from the Danielle Donaldson collections.

latest designs

Individually priced on the designs page.



PEGz Clickable Letter Sets
Create words and phrases to stamp on layouts, cards, gift tags and more with these sets of Pegz Clickable Letterz Stamps by Ken Oliver.
36 letters in each set. Simply click any of them together and then you're ready to stamp.
Please note: We are currently out of stock of the clickable letter sets.


PEGz Papryus Upper Case Letter Set: $33.00 ($30.00)
PEGz Large Lower Case Letter Set: $39.50 ($35.91)



Carabelle Studio Cling Rubber Stamps and Printing Plates
Carabelle Studio is a progressive stamp company from France.
The stamps are cling mounted for ease of use. They are of the finest quality and are beautifully presented. The Carabelle Studio stamps we have here have been designed by Birgit Koopsen. Her work can be found on her facebook page. Carabelle Studio has a real wow that will to add to your crafting experience.
We are delighted to bring Carabelle Studio to Australia. You are going to love this company!

art texture printing plates
art texture plates
large art texture printing plates
round texture printing plates

Individually priced on the designs pages.



Paperbag Studio Rubber Stamp Sheets
These are artistic rubber stamps that are available unmounted.
Each 20.00cm x 26.50cm sheet comes with multiple images per sheet and are excellent value.

designs and examples

Rubber Stamp Sheet: $49.50 ($45.00)



Paperbag Studio Cling Rubber Stamps
These are the same deeply etched, red rubber as wood mounted stamps, but they 'cling' to an acrylic block for ease of use and storage. You ink cling stamps the same way as the wood mounted stamps and clean them the same way too.

designs page 4
designs page 3
designs page 2
designs page 1

Individually priced on the design pages.



Art Foamies
ArtFoamies Stamps are durable, bold foam stamps designed for use on many surfaces.
They can be used with acrylic paints, inks and glazes.
Each ArtFoamies Stamp comes with a washable, reusable StampBuddy pad. Sized to fit the stamp, the StampBuddy ensures even distribution of paint to get clean, crisp prints; it is customizable, holding one or more paint colours at a time for unique multi-colour effects.

designs page 10 (latest)
designs page 9
designs page 8
designs page 7
designs page 6
designs page 5
designs page 4
designs page 3
designs page 2
designs page 1
two useful videos
balzar design gallery
helpful information

Individually priced on the design page.



Blockwallah Indian Printing Blocks
Very high quality and beautifully presented printing blocks.

patterns, prices and sizes

AA group block: $5.50 ($5.00)
A group block: $8.10 ($7.36)
B group block: $11.00 ($10.00)
C group block: $14.30 ($13.00)
D group block: $17.60 ($16.00)



The Thread Studio Polymer Stamps
Deep etched, unmounted clear polymer stamps, exclusive to us.
These stamps can be used for many creative purposes.
* as a conventional stamp - use as is or temporarily mount on an acrylic block.
* for moulding of Friendly Plastic, air-dry clays, precious metal clay
  and other similar products.
* for paper casting.
* for embossed velvet.
* as a rubbing plate using Shiva Stiks, inkpads or crayons to rub over
  the surface of paper or fabric.
* Use with glue for metallic flake application.
* use for foiling.

two flower designs
other designs and examples

Prices under each design.



Illuminations Stamps
Clear polymer Illuminations unmounted stamps in medieval themes.
Peel on, peel off, easy to clean, in five size categories. We also have two art moulds in 'Illumination' themes.

small designs
medium designs
large designs
xxlarge design

Small Stamp: $8.50 ($7.73)
Medium Stamp: $10.00 ($9.09)
Large Stamp: $12.00 ($10.91)
XXLarge Stamp: $17.00 ($15.45)



Compressed Sponge
A wet and grow expanding sponge, ideal for making blocks to print on paper or fabric.
Works wonderfully through a die cutting machine.
This pack contains one A4 size sheet (approx 21cm x 29.5cm) plus notes and pattern sheet.
Just draw your shape directly onto the sheet, cut out with scissors and then immerse in water to expand the sponge.
Use with acrylic paints, thickened dyes or discharge paste.
Rinse thoroughly after use and you'll find you can use it many, many times.


Pack with A4 size sheet plus notes and pattern sheet: $9.95 ($9.05)
Pack with three A4 size sheets: $20.00 ($18.18)