Stamp Patterns
Images are not all to the same scale.

Deep etched, unmounted clear polymer stamps, exclusive to us.
These stamps can be used for many creative purposes.
* as a conventional stamp - use as is or temporarily mount on an acrylic block.
* for moulding of Friendly Plastic, air-dry clays, precious metal clay
  and other similar products.
* for paper casting.
* for embossed velvet.
* as a rubbing plate using Shiva Stiks, inkpads or crayons to rub over
  the surface of paper or fabric.
* Use with glue for metallic flake application.
* use for foiling.

Ferns and Leaves

Kiwi Fern Large
13.5 cm across
$17.50 ($15.91)

Kiwi Fern Medium
7.5 cm across
$8.00 ($7.27)


Kiwi Fern Small
4.5 cm across
$5.00 ($4.55)

Kiwi Fern Example
Embossed in hand-dyed viscose velvet
using Lumiere Silver Metallic paint.

Lace Eucalypt Leaf
8.00cm high
$8.50 ($7.73)

Fern Print
6.00 cm high
$8.50 ($7.73)

Large Fern
15cm long 6.5cm wide
$17.50 ($15.91)



Frangipani Large
7.3 cm across
$11.00 ($10.00)

Frangipani Small
Approx. 3.5 cm across
$7.00 ($6.36)

Frangipani Small



7.5 cm high
$17.50 ($15.91)

Stamped on fabric with Elmars glue stick,
and gilded with 'Iron Ore' Metallic Flakes.


Seed Head
$17.50 ($15.91)

Seed Head Actual Stamp
distance across seed head is 6cm

Seed Head Example

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