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The heaviest of the Shakespearean trio at 80 microns(which is more than 4 times the thickness of Solvy), Romeo is a super quality cold water soluble film of exceptional strength and thickness - it feels like a plastic table cloth. You only need a single layer.

The picture above is an example of silk fibres and machine wrapped cords placed on a single layer of Romeo and freely stitched.

Ways to try:
Without a hoop to simply stitch on or lay fibres (eg silk or wool) on top and stitch or lay metal pieces/fabric scraps/ribbon/wool etc and stitch.
Use for computerised laces - you will appreciate the crispness of the design compared with using other solubles.
Use through inkjet printers (using a carrier sheet) to print out computer designs and then stitch onto the design.
Paint designs onto the surface (eg use a printing block and acrylic paint) and stitch on these for motifs or lay over fabric and stitch for 3-D results.
Use your stitched work to mould shapes.

The picture above shows acrylic paint printed on Romeo, stitched, washed out and restitched onto black felt.

Below is a design printed onto Romeo by a standard inkjet printer.

- the leading edge of the Romeo needs to be taped (clear sticky tape, cellotape) to a sheet of A4 paper. A 2nd design to the right has been stitched on.

Above is a lace pattern stitched onto a single layer of Romeo. All that remains to be done is for the Romeo to be dissolved away.

The bowl, below, was stitched onto Romeo using thread scraps and silk fibres. It was only lightly dissolved and whilst still gooey, was moulded over a bowl.