Romeo Water Soluble Film
$10.00 ($9.09) / 1 metre x 76 cm pack
$14.20 ($12.91) / 1.5 metre x 76 cm pack (scarf length)
$18.50 ($16.82) / 2 metre x 76 cm pack
$45.00 ($40.91) / 5 metre x 76 cm pack

A water soluble film of exceptional strength and thickness which dissolves in cold water. It has been used to make entire garments, either as a lace tracery, or with applique fabrics. Romeo can support any amount of stitchwork, freehand or digitised designs, using frames or not.Environmentally friendly, manufactured in England and recommended by Janet Criswell for the Criswell lace embroidery designs and Sue Box for Sue Box Creations. Because of Romeo's strength and thickness, you never need more than one layer.

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