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Lumiere Metallics
$11.90 ($10.82) / 70ml jar

This stunning assortment of metallic and pearlescent paints brush on like butter and are designed not to spread. They allow for smooth application on soft or flexible surfaces like fabrics and uneven textures like Styrofoam. Lumiere colors can be bright, metallic or subtle, even on dark backgrounds. Their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage and dazzling light reflecting abilities.The paint is a light bodied acrylic meaning that it has great coverage ability. On fabric it remains soft to the touch. It is fabulous for rubber-stamping, and can be used an applicator tipped paint.
Works well on natural and synthetic fibers, leather, wood and paper.

32 Colours


Bright Gold


Burned Orange



Halo Blue Gold

Halo Violet Gold

Old Brass

Hi Lite Red

Hi Lite Violet


Metallic Bronze

Metallic Copper

Metallic Gold

Metallic Russet

Metallic Rust

Metallic Silver

Pearlescent Blue

Pearlescent Turquoise

Pearlescent Violet

Pearlescent Emerald

Pearlescent Magenta

Pearlescent White


Pink Gold

Sunset Gold

Super Sparkle

True Gold

Metallic Olive Green

Rose Gold



some colours on white and black backgrounds
scan of metallics on fabric
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