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$9.00 ($8.18) / 70ml jar

Dye-na-flow is a highly pigmented liquid paint very similar to dye. It has a very soft hand on fabric, especially silk. On silk, it interacts in an unusual way. It pushes and pulls the other colours. It intermixes beautifully with the other paints. Try using Dye-na-flow to dilute the paints, rather than water. On paper, it is similar to rich, vibrant liquid watercolours. The paint does not muddy when applying colour over colour.
It is perfect for airbrushing, silk painting, spray-on tie dye, watercolor techniques, spritzing through lace or stencils, tole style painting, sponge printing and simplified batik or wax resist effects. Certified nontoxic, blendable, washfastand lightfast.

Instructions pdf here.
Colour chart and projects information below.

Row 1 colours: Sun yellow, Golden yellow, Bright orange, Salmon, Scarlet.
Row 2 colours: Brilliant red, Cranberry red, Hot fuschia, Magenta, Claret.
Row 3 colours: Violet, Periwinkle, Turquoise, Azure blue, Cerulean blue.
Row 4 colours: Midnight blue, Teal, Chartreuse, Bright green, Emerald green.
Row 5 colours: Brass, Sulphur green, Ecru, Ochre, Brick.
Row 6 colours: Brown, Burnt umber, Pewter, Black, White.


Dye-Na-Flow is airbrush ready without further dilution and won't clog tips. Economical 2.25 oz. jars fit many standard airbrushes allowing the artist to change colors easily. The high pigmentation and very liquid consistency of Dye-na-Flow offers supreme coverage without stiffness. The stunning fantasy girl, below, was airbrushed on silk crepe de chine with Dye-Na-Flow by world re-nowned airbrush artist, Jiirek.


Unlike thicker textile paints, Dye-na-Flow is ready to marble with little or no dilution. The free flowing consistency and rich pigmentation means that col-ors will remain intense. Use with any marbling medium for free form or finely detailed, combed patterns. For marbling on natural or synthetic fabrics, professionals prefer Dye-Na-Flow.


Sweatshirt & T-Shirt Painting
Southern California artist, Betty Ricketts, uses Dye-Na-Flow for her unique style of watercolor & resist painting on knit and woven fabrics. Betty loosely draws her designs on fabric, outlining with Jacquard Gutta Resist, then incorporates tole & decorative painting techniques for blending & shading. Colors are set by iron-ing & garments retain their natural hand & drape.


Silk Painting
Celia Buchanan, noted London artist, uses Dye-na-Flow for her handpainted silk neckties. Dye-Na-Flow colors are blendable and trans-parent and react to salt and alcohol tech-niques beautifully. They do not stiffen the silk and are fixed simply by ironing.


Frank Smith quilts here.
Frank makes extensive use of Dye-na-flow.

instructions pdf
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