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Aquabond II
A soluble fabric with a sticky surface. The sticky side of the fabric is covered with a silicone coated paper to protect the adhesive surface. Threads, yarns and fabric pieces can be arranged on the sticky surface enabling a whole design structure to be built up in its entirety. Used by Jan Beaney to create some of her wonderful stitched structures. Once the basic lines and shapes of the composition are completed, a layer of clear soluble film, eg Verona, is positioned on top of the tacky surface making a sandwich for stitching onto.
1 metre x 45cm: $21.50 ($19.55)



Solusheet / Vilene 541
A water soluble embroidery fabric made of PVA. Very good strength and excellent for both computerised sewing machines and hand stitching on. Used and recommended by Jan Beaney.
1 metre x 30 cm: $4.80 ($4.36)



Heavy-weight Water Soluble Paper
A translucent paper which is stable and traceable, easily dissolves without residue and will not change fabric characteristics. Draw your design on - or print on from a computer. Can be used for:
* embroidering or stitching on delicate fabrics
* flawless buttonholes and rolled hems
* stabilizing embroidery, wing needle and hemstitching
* paper quilting
* painting on and using the parts as a resist
Thicker, stronger and more cost effective!
79cm x 55cm sheet: $8.50 ($7.73)

Water Soluble Paper Sheets
Lighter weight sheets, and in the printable size of 28cm x 21.5cm.
Available in packs of 5, 10 and 20.
Ten pack: $9.80 ($8.91)
Twenty pack: $18.90 ($17.18)

Water Soluble Paper Intro Pack
Contains 1 sheet of heavyweight water soluble paper, plus ideas and inspiration for use.


Intro Pack: $9.00 ($8.18)