Pam Annesley

Pam's interest in the enviroment, landscapes, rock formations and oceanic life
provide her with endless inspiration for her stitched work.

" I draw or photograph natural forms to explore colour, texture and line.
This gives me plenty of scope to develop designs for embroidery".

Pam often uses the computer as a tool to scan drawings and photographs to enhance, distort or transform the images to design.
"From the designed image, I then like to work with the idea on cloth. I use a variety of mediums to build a textural surface. Fabrics, fibres, threads and paints are layered, worked into with stitch, cut back and may be worked into again to achieve the surface or texture that I'm looking for."

'Embroidered Box'
Pam has an open attitude to her work, she is not restrained by traditional attitudes or practices. She enjoys experimenting with and exploring the 'what ifs' to push frontiers.


Pam designs not only wall pieces, but also bags, cards, bookcovers and jewelery.
"For my gift items I like to create so that someone will enjoy."


In her wall piece "Desert Dreaming", she evokes a feeling of timeless desert with dry river beds and sparse vegetation, occupied by roaming spiritual beings dancing over sand dunes.

'Desert Dreaming'

Pam teaches community groups and conducts workshops in textiles and embroidery."I enjoying teaching and sharing my ideas and techniques with enthusiastic people. It gives me pleasure to see someone create a piece of work, interpreting an idea and following it through."

'Dreaming' - detail

Pam herself attends workshops and courses by leading textile artists.

'Outback Jewels'

"You never stop learning, there is so much to creative stitched textiles and every tutor offers something of themselves. I am currently studying by correspondence with Maggie Grey. Her modules encourage students to explore and extend ideas as far as the student can go."

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