Suzanne Gummow

The need to explore my thoughts in textiles is a passionate driving force.

Playing with strong colours, painting in rich thread bringing together tactile surfaces in my textiles constantly gives me an amazing sense of excitement
each time I create a new piece.


Drawing from diverse sources - my love of all things Asian, exotic gardens, vivid landscapes and bold still life, I manipulate fabrics and threads to realise my own special vision of culture, colour and collecting.

'Peacock' detail

The excitement of journeying, soaking up the diverse visuals of many cultures, both east and west results in bright bold approaches to my textiles with the effects of layering, transparency, and the gleam of metallic to create a rich painterly feel.


Extensive hand and machine embroidery, photographic imaging, fabric collage, applique, piecing quilting and embellishments are explored to add depth to my work.

Temple III

I am continually exploring and finding new ways to express this
consuming love of textiles.

Wall Hanging
Suzanne is available for tutoring, lectures and workshops.
Please feel free to email her.

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