Carole Redlich
I have always sewn in some form since I discovered my mother's old sewing machine in High School. Carole


Necklace When my daughter was a baby I had a small business sewing unusual baby clothes, later on I designed and sold creative patchwork coats at a boutique nearby.


I read about some of the lovely machine embroidery they were producing in England but never really saw any until I went to a series of Gabriella Verstraeten's inspiring workshops.Piece 1


piece 2 We moved to Perth about 5 years ago where I discovered The Thread Studio and with encouragement from Dale I have been happily stitching and exploring possibilities.


I am very interested in all things ethnic, I like pattern on pattern, lots of colour, beads and embellishments and wearable pieces.??




CoatI am working on developing layers of interest in my work so that there are different elements that make up the whole.


I am also working with covering and coiling wire, beads on wire frames and stamping.Jewels


I particularly enjoy the process of working on a project, selecting and rejecting ideas, struggling to mesh the reality with the concept until the project is finished - -


- - so for me there is no such thing "running something up", it always takes time and thought and effort to complete.

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