Celia Player
I make no apologies about being a textile artist.I love decoration, to decorate myself, my environment, and my work.I trained in art/embroidery at Loughborough College of Art and Design in England from 1986 to 1990, graduating with a B.A. (Hons) Degree. Celia
A Woman's Place -- Colour and pattern form the basis of my work which involves the manipulation of fabrics and the use of the sewing machine as a tool for drawing, or free machine embroidery. My work is always influenced by what is happening in my life at any one time.
Initially ancient English architecture, the patterns and the mysteries together with the hidden legends which are my roots, evolved in a combination of geometric order within an organic structure. The architecture within the landscape. A Woman's Place 2 --
Goddess of Afternoon Tea Subsequently, travelling, especially to India, developed my sense of the spiritual and mysterious. I experienced a sense of recognition between the two cultures, in which the significance of symbol, and imagery played a crucial part in the evolvment of my work.

Goddess of Afternoon Tea 2

Eventually, migration to Australia brought a change in the imagery for a while with the expression of emotion about the migration being paramount.

Goddess of Afternoon Tea 3

And make her spirits known

Now, while living in Sydney, amongst a cathedral of gum trees, an architectural order with an organic structure, my influence has turned within, to the architecture of the home, the house a geometric structure, compartments and divisions.
Still working within the confines of a basically formal structure, representational imagery has been included. Teapots, tea cups, a chair, functional compartmental items, highly embroidered and decorative, sitting within compartmental frames of foam core and polyfilla. So this is Australia
My house Now, my embroidered journey is travelling along a spiral path, following a pattern of sustained imagery which yet flows from one stage to another, retaining the same basic elements, of an architectural order within an organic stucture. The division of movement between the countries and cultures that I have experienced, looking back to my English roots.
The past and the present, the old and the new. From this my new body of work is progressing and titled, -
"Symbols of Divided Time"

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