Stitching Kits 
Kimberley Dreaming
$120.00 ($109.09) plus actual postage

Our new slow stitching kits are designed to enable you to enjoy the gentle art of stitching, no pattern, just pleasure and at your own pace.

Because most of the elements in these kits are hand painted and hand dyed the contents will different slightly from kit to kit. The bonus of this is that it makes each kit unique. Each kit will come in its own box as do all of our kits so you can dip in whenever you like.

Included in the kit:
  • Hand dyed prefelt.
  • A selection of hand dyed fabrics - velvet - silk chiffon - silk organza - scrim.
  • A selection of hand dyed threads - silken straw - gimp - silk perle - stranded cotton and others plus a spool of fine metallic - especially good for couching gimp.
  • Hand dyed merino wool.
  • Needles: Chenille #18, Milliners #1 and Embroidery #9
  • Beads
Please note: The ideas / suggestions notes are very extensive and will be emailed to you when the kit is posted.



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