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Moss in the Bush
Creative Stitching Project in a Box

This stitch kit is not a pattern so much as a project but it contains images - ideas - suggestions - inspiration and all you will need to set your creativity alive with stitch.

The best thing about this project is that you really can't go wrong.

The goal is to create a lot of texture to express moss and rocks in the bush.

Each box contains all you need to play.

Now available: $150.00 plus actual postage.

Please note: the ideas / suggestions notes are very extensive and will be emailed to you when the kit is posted.


A short intro video from Dale.


Kit Contents

Each box will contain -

A hand painted piece of linen 50cm x 50cm.
Enough to create 4 sample pieces suitable for framing as a series.

A lovely non-slip hoop to work on.

Chenille #18
Milliners #1
Embroidery #9

A wonderful selection of threads for creating all sorts of different texture.
Pearl #12 - #8 - #5 - #3
Metallic Twist #4
Soft Cotton
Braided Rayon
Crewel Wool
Stranded Cotton
Woven Wire Tube

Seed Beads
Four thread winders for the stranded cotton.


Production Line!


A Moss in the Bush piece by Sue Convey


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