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Londonderry Linen Thread
size 100/3
$6.00 ($5.45) / 70 metre spool

Londonderry Linen Thread is one of our exceptional embroidery threads. One hundred percent pure linen, this beautiful thread has a subtle matte rusticity, a naturally smooth finish (no wax!), and an unbeatable strength. Available in five weights, this one is the finest. Use it for delicate embroidery, including counted cross-stitch.
This thread is made with three plies, which should not be separated for use.
100% linen, 70 metres per spool,5 colours.

Please note:
For the colour charts, we have used 80/3 spools. A thickness comparison is at the bottom of this page.



ash grey






Left to right
100/3 (70m / spool)
80/3 (50m / spool)
30/3 (20m / spool)

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