Tyvek Paper and Beads
Tyvekfilm Lightweight (5 x 54gsm A4 sheets): $7.30 $6.64)
Tyvekfilm Mediumweight. (4 x 75gsm A4 sheets): $7.30 ($6.64)
Tyvekfilm Intropack: $9.60 ($8.28)
Tyvektex per metre: $9.90 ($9.00)
Tyvektex Intropack: $7.90 ($7.18)
Crusty Beads Kit: $9.90 ($9.00)

Tyvekfilm is a non-toxic Tyvek sheet of bonded, spun polyethylene fibres, available in two different weights. With the applicaton of heat, it changes form, shrinking, bubbling and distorting, to give a range of interesting surface textures. Its 3D qualities and durability, give exciting possibilities to all those involved in the fields of Decorative Arts and Crafts. It can be stitched by hand and/or machine, and will not rip or tear.Tyvekfilm can be coloured before or after distortion, in a variety of ways, from coloured pencils and felt pens, through to fabric paints - any medium which can safely withstand the heat of an iron or heat gun. It can also be used in photocopiers and computer printers that do not use heat to transfer the image, giving great scope for the distortion of image/text etc.

A Tyvekfilm Intropack containing full instructions and ideas for use, plus 2 x A4 sheets of each weight, is also available.

Tyvektex - as for Tyvekfilm, but more textured and fabric-like. Comes on a roll, 1.5 metres wide.

A Tyvektex Intropack, containing full instructions and ideas for use, contains a sample to experiment with.
Sample size is approximately half the pack size.


Crusty Beads Kit
A kit, using tyvekfilm, to make crusty beads for textile and paper art.
Contains instuctions, 4 sheets of plain lightweight tyvekfilm plus one sheet of painted tyvekfilm.

Each bead is made by painting a tyvek paper strip,
wrapping it around a satay stick, and then heating.


Tyvek Hints

is a magical fibrous film which has many exciting application ideas for textile and paper artists.You can paint it, stitch it, cut it, stamp on it and emboss it - whatever takes your fancy - but the excitement comes when you apply heat to it - either using an iron or a heat gun.I have been 'playing' with Tyvekfilm for over 10 years now and am for ever amazed at the different effects I get. I have used it for making garments, (yes, you can throw it in the washing machine) making beads (I once created 365 for a project and I can tell you that I was able to talk whilst doing this but not read), in textile jewellery (no selvages to worry about) and tiny pieces wherever I have needed them in my work.


Tyvek Beads Tyvekfilm comes in two different weights, light and medium. At The Thread Studio we sell it as an intro pack jam-packed full of great ideas for use and also in refill quantities.

Is a more fabricky form of tyvek and likes the same treatment but I love it for garments and scrunchy beads - it is softer and very easy to stitch into.
At The Thread Studio we also sell this as an intro pack and by the metre.


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