Tissutex, A4 (20cm x 27.5cm), pack of five sheets: $5.00 ($4.55)
Tissutex Plus, single sheet 50cm x 76cm: $3.50 ($3.18)
Hand Dyed Tissutex Plus, single sheet 50cm x 76cm sheet: $9.50 ($8.64)
Tissutex Intro Pack: $10.00 ($9.09)

  • The tissue that thinks it's a fabric.
  • This is an extraordinary tissue paper that has wet strength and can therefore be dyed with confidence and to great effect. Stitching on it is a breeze.
  • Can be printed onto. (first treat with inkaid)
  • Great to use with gelli plates.
  • Disappears into the background when laminating down onto a surface.
  • Also known as Abaca paper (as it comes from the Abaca tree), Lens Tissue, Repair Tissue and Conservation Tissue.

Tissutex Plus
Has the same usability as Tissutex, but much heavier and stronger.

Tissutex Intro Pack
Eight sheets of Tissutex, one sheet of Tissutex Plus,
plus an ideas for use sheet.



Tissuetex Plus Hand Dyed
Below are a variety of camera shots, to give an idea of the colour range and variegations.
They are all different, so when ordering, just suggest a colour type.

all stacked together

all stacked together


Above - a selection.

Below - a single sheet approx. 72cm x 49cm


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