Flax Paper
Hand made sheets of Harakeke (Flax) Paper. Each piece is A4 size.
$6.00 ($5.45) / A4 sheet

Handmade from 100% New Zealand flax fibres and in order to keep it as natural as possible a decision was made not to include sizing in the range which effectively makes the paper waterleaf. The papers are still perfectly suitable for photocopying and/or ink jet and laser printing of certificates, invitations, letters, documents, fine art printmaking i.e. woodcuts, etching and drypoints, pastel work, sketching and an infinite range of crafts including lampshades, book binding, box making.


Coarse (out of stock)
Para Natural - waxy outer layer of flax leaf. A natural-coloured flax paper with larger inclusions of para and bundled fibres smooth on one side and textured on the reverse. Longer fibres bundled, unbleached, wax, short beat.

Kopatapata - spotted or freckled. A creamy white flax paper with small flecks of waxy outer skin smooth one side and lightly textured on reverse. Short fibres, bleached, flecks of para(wax), fine beat.




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