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Hand Painted Linen Buttons
$35.00 ($31.82) / pack

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Painters Treats is a box full of thread buttons of different sizes and formats plus textile trimming beads, all hand painted/dyed in assorted colours. This fun mix is wonderful for decorating any fibre or mixed media project, and of course as a closure for clothing or jewellery. Button and bead bases are covered with 100% Cotton or 100% Rayon materials and fibres. Each box contains approximately 30 buttons, all different. Known for their saturated colour palettes named for famous painters, Tentakulum's Painter's Collection is created by their own special form of space dyes. Because of the hand-dyed process, all Tentakulum products blend perfectly because of their subtle colour changes.


Below; the contents of a typical pack. All packs are different.

Diameters range from 15cm - 20cm


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