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Starburst Colours
$10.00 ($9.09) / each
$90.00 ($81.82) / any ten moon glow single sprays

Use to create wonderful colours and effects on your favourite surfaces. Starburst Sprays are brilliant vibrant colours to spray on paper or fabric, making gloriously coloured backgrounds. The sprays have a two-toned effect that gives your work shimmer, dimension and pizzaz.
The bulk discount for 10 sprays can be any mix from from Flat Fabios, Glitz Spritz, Starburst Sprays and Moon Shadow Mist.
some starburst spray tips


Clam Bake Beige

Yellow Rose of Texas

Bling-y Blonde

Bayou Boogie Gold

Grab a Guy Gold

Marigold Yellow Orange

Sparkling Sunset

California Poppy Gold

Gnome Berry Bordeaux

Hog's Wart Orange

Cowabunga Copper

Fuzzy Navel Peach

Cape Cod Coral

Canna Lily Burnt Orange

Wild Honeysuckle Coral

Peony Scarlet Red

Bougainvillea Fuchsia

Rudolph's Nose Red

Poinsettia Red Gold

Aurumn Maple Crimson

Cocklebells Coral

Ramblin' Rose Pink

Alpine Ice Rose

Pretty in Pink Pink

Cotton Candy Pink

Martian Magenta

Hottie Potottie Hot Pink

Salt Water Tatfy

Bodacious Blush

Magnolia Magenta Gold

Prima Donna Purple

Open Arms Amethyst

Hi Mainainance Masgenta

Witch's Potion Purple

Sweet Violet Purple Teal

Jazzy Jivin' Purple

Tea Pot Purple

French Violet Violet

Azure Sea Asters

Batchelor Button Blue

Afternoon Delight Denim

Hydrangea Blue

Whale Watch Blue

Time Travel Teal

Tiffany Lou Blue

Delphinium Turquoise

Tainted Love Teal

Tibetan Poppy Teal

Bells of Ireland Green

Freaky Franken Lime

Cathedral Pines Green

Sassy Sapphire

Rusty Lantern Lime

Drop Dead Gorgeous Green

Lucky Shamrock Green

Jack in the Pulpit Teal

Mad Hatter Mint

Frosty Forest Green

Screamin' Banshee Black

Ponderosa Pines Olive

Sea Mint Green

Cattail Copper Brown

Dark Chocolate Truffle

Milk Chocolate Brown

Mission Bells Brown

Opal Sea Oats

Sea Grass Green

Bombshell Black

Cocoa Bean Copper

Creme Brulee Creme

Steampunk Sepia

Gag Me with a Spoon Gray

Silent Night Silver

Black Orchid Silver

Frolic in the Forest Green

Frozen Jack Frost

Galactic Teal

Shabby Turbine Teal

Alien Goo Green

Dragonfly Wings

Fairy Garden Green

Outer Space

Toadstool Taupe

Toadstool Taupe

UFO Yellow



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