Starburst Colours 
Starburst Sprays Tips


Easy to use: First add hot tap water (only before using the first time), and stir well. Be sure to shake the bottle well before using EACH time. Now you are ready for some serious FUN!

Starburst Sprays are brilliant vibrant colours to spray on paper or fabric making gloriously coloured backgrounds. The sprays have a two-toned effect that gives your work shimmer, dimension and pizzaz.

1. Tap out any mica in sprayer tube before adding water.
2. Use HOT water, (not boiling, but hot tap water)
3. LET SIT AT LEAST 10 MIN after adding the water,
   (stir a bit to make sure everything is dissolved)
4. Keep the bottle more upright while spraying.
5. Make sure to shake after 10 or so sprays, to keep the mica in solution.

If you find it won't spray at any time, simply take the nozzle out and clear the mica with a pin.

The easiest way to use Starburst Sprays is just to spray your surface. Either air dry or heat dry with your heat gun. Add several colours for a wonderful metallic polka dot effect. Because the spray has a binder in it, it does NOT need to be sealed. However, a quick 'shot' of hair spray sometimes intensifies the colours. Experiment and see what effect you like.

Try placing a stencil onto your surface leaving a border of paper around the stencil. Spritz lightly or heavily as desired. Gently lift off the stencil for an easy and elegant effect.

Use to create wonderful colours and effects on your favourite surfaces.

Mix several colours together for an iridescent metal effect

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