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Moon Shadow Mist
$10.00 ($9.09) / spray bottle

Fabulous mists in a spray bottle. The colours are simply glorious when sprayed over surfaces and once the mist is dried, a luminous hidden colour seems to 'magically' appear.
Moon Shadow Mist is based on an Old World walnut stain or ink formula which was well known during the artist Van Dyke's lifetime. It was largely forgotten with the advent of synthetic colours. However this beautiful sepia formula has been rejuvenated by adding glowing, hidden colour which glimmers when the ink dries giving a rich sumptuous effect It is ideal for 'instant aging' with dazzling hidden colour.
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Golden Doubloons

Crow's Nest Copper

Ethereal Emerald

Gossamer Gold

Incandescent Copper

Jolly Roger Red

Landlubber Green

Long John's Silver

Mystic Malachite

Pegleg Pete Purple

Phantom Fuchsia

Pirate's Plunder Gold

Smokey Sapphire

Silhouette Silver

Treasure Island Aqua

Tawny Turquoise

Van Dyke Sepia Walnut

Violaceous Violet

Bluebeard Blue Violet

Burnished Brass

Buccaneer Bay Blue

Buccaneer Bronze

Bucket o' Blood

Burnt Umber

Moonlit Mulberry
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