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Magical Mica Sets
$35.00 ($31.82) / set of five

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Each pot contains a combination of beautiful micas, a specialized powdered painting stain system and a fixative, (so they are an all-in-one product) that is acid-free. The combination of the mica and the painting stains give them that amazingly vibrant look, but still have a signature two-toned look.

Mix into acrylic wax, textile medium, gel medium, Gesso, texture pastes, melted wax, nail varnish, water. Use with Versamark or Perfect Medium stamp pads. Apply to fabrics, paper, Lutradur, Tyvek, Delight Paper Clay, glass, wood, ceramic, cardstock, rag papers etc.

Add a small amount of water for painting with a brush, or apply as a spray using a mini-mister.

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The Alexandra's Artists Set, created by Alexandra Renke



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