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Clear Matte Precoat
$75.00 ($68.18) / 473 ml bottle jar

Directions: Applying inkAID Clear Matte Precoat

  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Stir inkAID Clear Matte gently, but thoroughly, before applying. Some of the matting agent will settle into a soft floc over time so it is not unusual to find a shallow layer on the bottom. Mix the coating with a clean paint stirrer or metal spatula, making sure to incorporate the soft floc into the coating.
  • Foam brushes are the preferred applicator, as they provide a smoother coating than bristle brushes. Brush onto the surface in even strokes, applying a moderate amount of coating. On smooth, non-porous surfaces apply enough coating so that the coating begins to flow and level by itself. A second light coating can be applied if necessary after allowing the surface to dry overnight. On papers and other porous materials, a second coating, applied perpendicularly to the first, is often used. inkAID coatings may be diluted with 5 - 10% water if needed.
  • inkAID Clear Matte can appear slightly glossy when first applied, but dries to a translucent, coating with a matte finish.
  • When coating paper, after the coating has dried, it may be necessary to press the sheets between two flat surfaces with weight placed on top overnight to smooth out any waviness. For large sheets, it may be helpful to “reverse roll” the sheet (inkAID coated side out) onto a large diameter (6+ inches) cardboard tube to help remove curl and facilitate passage through the printer.
  • Some modification to your colour settings or profile may be necessary for optimal colour, especially if you are working on a non-white surface where the inks will be blending with the surface colour. Use a “gloss or semi-gloss” printer setting as a starting point. inkAID Clear Matte is not water-resistant.