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Gamblin Wax Medium
$18.00 ($16.36) / 118 ml jar

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium a mixture of natural beeswax (wax pastilles), Gamsol and a small amount of alkyd resin. The term cold in Cold Wax Medium and Cold Wax Painting refers to the fact that heat is not required for working with this wax medium - as it dries by solvent evaporation (Gamsol), rather than the cooling of the wax, as in encaustic painting. As the Gamsol evaporates out of the medium, the soft wax hardens to the density of a beeswax candle. Cold Wax Medium makes oil colours thicker and more matte. It has a 'short' characteristic and gives a clean break off of the brush or knife, retaining the sharp peaks of impasto. These working properties allow for expressive brushmarks and the ability to carve into paint layers with palette knives. Cold Wax also gives oil colours a beautiful translucent quality, similar to the seductive surfaces of encaustic paintings. Made from a mixture of natural beeswax, Gamsol and a small amount of alkyd resin.

  • Cold Wax - Made from natural white unbleached beeswax.
  • Excellent in creating a variety of textures within a painting
  • For greater shine and flexibility mix with Galkyd medium
  • Cold Wax creates an ultra-thick, matte impasto
  • Mix directly into Oil colours
Superb for rubbing over any tissue work - it will bring out the colour.