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Weaving with Little Handmade Looms
Make Your Own Mini Looms & Weave.   25 Exquisite Projects
by Harumi Kaeyama

Soft Cover, 128 pages, $37.00 (33.64)


Publisher's Description:
Join the biggest trend in miniature with over 20 cute projects to weave, wear or display.

Weaving is more popular than ever, so why not join the biggest trend in miniature.

Discover over 20 cute projects to weave in this beautiful book by multi-crafter Harumi Kageyama. Create home decor essentials such as table mats and tiny wall hangings through to must-have accessories with brooches, card cases, rings and purses. You can try different materials, from classic yarn to more novel materials such as ribbon, suede and pipe cleaners. Don’t be afraid to adapt the designs for a whole different look!

Small projects mean small looms, and Harumi shows how easy these are to make with a few materials you can find at home such as cardboard, paper, pins, wood and nails. These do-it-yourself looms are perfect for crafting on the go, and are small enough to take with you as a portable travel craft or outside pastime.

With just a small selection of basic materials, you'll be weaving on your handmade loom in no time.


About the Author:
Harumi Kageyama graduated in art and design at the Nihon University College in Japan. After initially pursuing an editorial career, working for magazines and journals in a mixture of fields, Harumi decided to return to her first love and began designing and making handcrafted items in cloth, wires and more. Her work focuses on simple materials such as wool, fabric and driftwood, and she places great value on designs that are simple and sustainably sourced.

Harumi now writes a successful blog in Japan and runs regular workshops on weaving and other crafts. She is also the author of several textile and handmade, eco-friendly interior design books published in Japan, and her work is slowly becoming recognized worldwide.

Harumi lives in Osaka, Japan.

Comment from Jill Riley:
This book is a treasure-trove of ideas for weaving interesting small projects on very simple looms. It was originally written in Japanese, but the translation is so good that you really wouldn't notice. The book is subdivided into board looms, round looms, box looms and frame looms. The examples given use simple, everyday objects (twigs, cardboard, rolled fabric, cardboard boxes and off-cuts of wood) to make the looms. Additional tools include glass-headed sewing pins, darning needles, scraps of yarn, wooden skewers and disposable wooden forks. So, things lying around your home.

The instructions are clear and there are many helpful illustrations. A friend and I have already use some of the suggestions to demonstrate weaving to children and adults at a recent drop-in workshop at a local venue. There are more ideas that we would like to try in the future.

If you work with children, demonstrate to the public or are intrigued by small projects, this book is an excellent resource and I recommend that you find space on your bookshelf for it.


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