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Sculptural Textile Art
A practical guide to mixed media wire sculpture
Jane Hall

Soft Cover, 128 pages, $48.00


Publisher's Description:
Part of the popular Textile Artist series, this book teaches the reader how to sculpt using wire; apply paper and fabrics to the frame, and decorate with embroidery stitch.

Priscilla's contemporary mixed media artworks offer a refreshingly different approach to embroidery, taking stitch to an impressive new level within wire sculpture.

Working both two- and three-dimensionally, Priscilla combines colour, stitch, shape and texture, layering to transform surfaces into beautiful, whimsical sculptures full of character, curiosity and charm. With her imaginative use of the needle and her love of retro vintage nostalgia, Priscilla has picked up on an enduring trend, exploring excitingly different ideas and pushing the boundaries with her original ways of working.The book explores a playful mixed media approach to creating 3D textile sculpture, using a variety of media to transform plain papers and fabrics through colour, texture and mark-making; including both free-machine embroidery and hand stitch. Paving the way for the reader to tackle the five projects that follow, which build in complexity.

About the Author:
Priscilla Edward's artistic practice is rooted in contemporary textiles but encompasses a broad range of materials, processes and techniques. Her work explores themes relating to identity, memory and nostalgia drawing inspiration from her collections of found objects, ephemera, literature and film. She has exhibited across the UK, Sweden, Germany and the US and is part of 'Decorum', a group of artists exhibiting mixed media textiles and embroidery.

Priscilla has over 20 years of teaching experience working in Higher Education, lecturing in several Fashion and Textile Departments including the University of Salford and University of Cumbria. She currently tutors for the University of Creative Arts, and runs independent workshops for textile groups, schools, colleges and universities. Priscilla also works closely with a Cumbria-based charity, Kendal Windows on Art and has been involved in many of their community engagement projects over the past 15 years.


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