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Layered and Stitched Pictures
Using free machine embroidery and appliqué to create textile art inspired by everyday life.
by Katie Essam

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Publisher's Description:
A modern source of fun and innovative inspiration for any textile artist, built on the everyday world around you.

Katie Essam's fresh, modern style uses unique combinations of traditional techniques, and in this book she shows you how to create beautiful textile art inspired by the beauty in everyday objects.

Stretch your imagination and be inspired by Katie's fun, innovative ideas; learn how to draw inspiration from the animals, birds, gardens, beach huts and scenes that surround you; and use that inspiration as the fuel you need to create gorgeous stitched pictures.


About the Author:
Katie Essam's passion for textiles began when she graduated form the University of Hertfordshire with a BA Hons in Contemporary Applied Art. She combines freehand machine embroidery, appliqué and other textile techniques to make original mixed media textile art pieces, inspired by the beauty in everyday objects and scenes. She especially loves turning personal photographs of family, pets or houses, into original, tailor-made pieces of textile art. Katie runs a variety of workshops around the UK teaching the techniques she uses to make her textile art. Katie lives in Bexhill, UK.


Introduction6   Materials10   Before you start18   Setting up your machine20   Beach Scene26   step-by-step project   Finding ideas and inspiration38   Planning40   Appliqué Hare48   step-by-step project   Paint and stitch62   Blue Tit64   step-by-step project   Hen and Rooster74   step-by-step project   Collage90   Sewing Collage94   step-by-step project   Choosing your own design106   Jimmy the Cat108   step-by-step project   Home118   step-by-step project   Displaying your work126   Index128



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