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Garden Stitch Life
50 Embroidery Motifs & Projects to Grow Your Inspiration
by Kazuko Aoki

Soft Cover, 128 pages, $39.00 ($35.45)
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Publisher's Description:
50 embroidery motifs to stitch by, popular Japanese embroidery artist and author, Kazuko Aoki.

In Garden Stitch Life, embroidery artist Kazuko Aoki invites you into her enchanting world of garden-themed embroidery. You’ll get a glimpse into her creative process, from sketching and selecting thread colours to stitching tips and techniques, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at her atelier, garden, and other inspiring locales.

In addition to dozens of botanical motifs, you'll also find designs based on the author's favourite things in life: food, travel, and design. Projects include samplers, collages, patches, bags, table linens, and more! Templates for all the motifs are included


About the Author:
Kazuko Aoki is a popular Japanese embroidery artist who draws inspiration from her garden and the wildlife that frequently visits there. After attending art school in Japan, Kazuko Aoki studied textiles in Sweden. She is the author of multiple embroidery books.


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