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Expressive Abstracts in Acrylic
55 innovative projects, inspiration and mixed-media techniques
by Anita Horskens

Soft Cover, 160 pages, $39.00


Publisher's Description:
55 expressive abstract projects to paint with tons of inspirational ideas and techniques to use.

Discover the joys of painting abstracts in acrylics with experienced artist and tutor Anita Horskens. In this visually exciting, inspirational book, Anita teaches you about the method of abstraction, and the paints, paper and other materials you need to create stunning paintings. Chapters cover the areas of texture, collage, composition, colour, line, shape and pattern, with 55 clear and accessible projects to put your skills and ideas into practice. There are techniques to try such as impasto, using glazes, bronze gilding, linear overlays and monochrome painting. This highly practical book will build confidence in your painting and allow you to express yourself through the visual language and style of abstract painting.

About the Author:
Anita Horskens lives and works as a freelance artist and runs her own painting school in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm in Bavaria. She has worked as a trainer and speaker in the field of artists' supplies since 1994. She leads seminars in all standard painting and drawing techniques, and offers painting holidays, portfolio preparation courses and creative seminars for companies. As the author of numerous acrylic textbooks, she has also lectured at various specialist academies since 2004, with a focus on Experimental Mixed Techniques with Acrylic

From the artist:
Abstract painting is as much a state of mind as a technique. It's an invented language, which the viewer is invited to interpret in order to understand both what the artist saw and we ourselves feel. To write a book about it is, therefore, something of a tall order and it is perhaps not surprising that most authors shy away from the creative and concentrate on the technical. This is not an invalid approach, but does run the risk of doing something equivalent to musical noodling, where outcomes can be unpredictable, albeit they might produce worthwhile results. If you fancy a noodle, this is no bad place to start. The 55 projects explore an impressive range of tools and application techniques and the results are really not too shabby. Actually, if you just want to explore the possibilities of acrylic media and mediums, you should find plenty to enjoy here.


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