The Thread Studio® is a mail order business established in 1995, based in Australia, but selling world-wide.
We specialise in unusual and interesting embroidery threads, hand dyed fibres and fabrics, and textile art and mixed media supplies.
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Featured Product
Fine Cotton

Hand dyed in our own colour themes.


What's New
Monday Videos  Latest, Mon 8th April
More Water Soluble Wonders.
Catalogue  Treasure Boxes / Black Alice
Black Alice Rap. (8th April)
Catalogue  Treasure Boxes / Black Alice
Black Alice Printed Sheets. (8th April)
Catalogue  Treasure Boxes / Black Alice
Black Alice Flimsie. (8th April)
Catalogue  Treasure Boxes / Black Alice
Black Alice Silk Viscose Fabric. (8th April)
Catalogue  Books / Embroidery-Art
Expressive Stitches. (30th March)
Catalogue  Treasure Boxes / Artist Treasure Box
March Artist. (1st March)
Catalogue  Colour / Moonglow Range
Flat Magical Shakers Sets. (29th February)
Catalogue  Hand Threads / The Thread Studio Range
Hand Dyed Fine Cotton. (28th February)


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